animal rights/liberation

animal rights/liberation

Fight Speciesism! #8 - Out Now

Spring 2009 issue of the latest anti-speciesist, anti-capitalist, abolitionist direct action news is out now.

Articles: SHAC 7 solidarity, operation sinking ship, hunt sabbing, mink released, 'fashion' shop closed, liberationists arrested, max mara campaign, international actions, prisoner letters, police under attack, alf vs wageningen uni, prisoner support, monkeys fight back, netcu, bullring riots, aeta 4, earth liberation, mexican actions, whale wars, rioting in london and edo smashed.

Bath Bomb #20 Out Now


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Issue #20
Mar 09

“News and abuse from Bath and beyond”

Somer Tenants Do ‘Ave ‘Em

UK: Traps destroyed, shooting pens trashed, birds set free

"under the pink skies of a setting sun and across the rolling hills of the countryside activists found a large shooting estate; two squirrel traps and a fox trap were destroyed. a lone bird trapped inside a cage was carefully taken from her prison and set free. 4 shooting enclosures were destroyed; netting cut, wires cut, wood snapped, battery supplies cut off, posts torn from the ground. enclosures used for shooters to hide their cowardly faces and shoot animals were destroyed.

Arizona, US: Vivisector and mining executive visted at home

"Tucson Vivisector Katalin Gothard and Rosemont mining scumbag Kathy Arnold get a special home visit from Tucson H.A.A.N.D! (Hooligans Attack At Night Duh!) agents of change. Solidarity dedication with those four recently arrested

ELF Mexico Torch More Earth Destroying Machine

"Urban expansion is one of the biggest ecological problems, with roads being built over fertile land comes loads of consequences such as pollution, warming of the ground with excessive heat, massive felling of trees, etc. The expansion of civilization and its unnecessary technology leaves the world in the hands of the powerful who control the repressive state apparatus ready to stop any kind of resistance that is put in front of them to halt their run of destruction.

Thousands of mink freed from cages in Italy

Local newspapers report that late on February 9 as many as 3000 mink were freed from cages at the Italo Rossi fur farm in Fossoli (Modena). Lighting and alarm systems were disabled during the raid, and "ALF" and "Close down this concentration camp" was painted at the property.

Insurgents blockade highway with flaming barricade in Mexico

"We have blocked a major highway in Mexico State with a barricade made by the Luddites Against Domestication of Wild Nature. The fire lit up the dark night of peace and tranquility for those people who carry in large trucks 'raw materials' extracted directly from the earth. The chaos was again before the eyes of the police who arrived on the scene to put out the incendiary fiesta.

Whaling Opponents Collide at Sea

Sea Shepherd Crew Remain On Guard Behind the Nisshin Maru

Sea Shepherd Operation Musashi
Update from the Ross Sea

February 7th, 2009
0700 Hours (Sydney Time)
1200 Hours (PST) (February 5th)
75 Degrees 57 Minutes South and 164 Degrees 53 Minutes West