animal rights/liberation

animal rights/liberation

Group out in force for the final days of the shooting season + arrest report.

A quick report from Gloucestershire and Cotswold hunt sabs from the fields on the last Saturday before the end of the Pheasant shooting season.

Sound weapons used against anti-whaling protestors

February 1, 2009
The Japanese whaling ships have been jamming Sea Shepherd communications and have been deploying a long range acoustic weapon device to repel Sea Shepherd boats. The sound waves cause disorientation and nausea.

ELF Mexico torch urban expansion, vandalise 30 Telmex phones

reported anonymously:

"January 22:

Graffiti such as 'Destroyers,' 'Murderers' and 'F.L.T.' was painted on two machines of urban expansion and destroyers of the land; a fire had also been set in one of these.

We will not allow more extermination!

F.L.T/E.L.F Mexico"


anonymous report:

"January 16:

Bath Bomb #18 Out Now!


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Issue #18
Jan 09

“Steal this newsheet!”

Looking Back At A Busy Year

ELF Sabotage Bullfight Sponsor in Colombia

"In solidarity with the recent antiauthoritarian actions and to show a strengthening commitment to the liberation of the earth and all animals, the Autonomous Anarchic Cell of the FLT in Bogota does not stop!

Animal Rights Case Concern to Environmentalists & call out for 19th January - updated with CW analysis

While the case of 4 animal rights campaigners found guilty on “conspiracy to blackmail” charges in relation to contract testing company Huntingdon Life Sciences (HLS) that tests on animals may seem unrelated to the environmental movement the case has direct relevance to all radical environmentalists.

Sea Shepherd Clashes With Whaling Fleet in Australian Waters

December 26th, 2008
The Sea Shepherd Conservation Society ship Steve Irwin closed in on one of the vessels of the Japanese whaling fleet at 0730 Hours GMT (1930 Hours Sydney Time) on December 26th off the coast of the Australian Antarctic Territory north of the Mawson Peninsula.

Fight Speciesism! #7 - Out Now

January issue of the latest anti-speciesist, anti-capitalist, abolitionist direct action news is out now. Antispeciesist Action is a collective of militant antispeciesists and animal rights activists committed to confronting animal abuse, suffering and exploitation of non-human beings through the use of direct action.

ALF & ELF Continue Telmex Sabotage

"On December 11 the Frente de Liberacion Animal in Mexico sabotaged 25 telephones of the disgusting company Telmex in an act of direct support for our fighting comrades in Colombia, we are glad to know that the attacks that are badly needed in Latin America have this continuity, we hope that the flame will not go out in Colombia and that they continue on!

Japanese Whaling Fleet Is On the Run

Friday, December 19, 2008
The Sea Shepherd Conservation Society ship Steve Irwin now has the entire Japanese whaling fleet on the run.

At 2345 G.M.T. the Steve Irwin intercepted the Japanese harpoon vessel Yushin Maru #2 inside the Australian Antarctic Economic Exclusion Zone at 64°26 South and 132° 40' East.

ELF sabotage phone booths in Columbia & Mexico

"On the night of December 5th activists from the Autonomous and Anarchist Cell of the FLT (ELF) and FLA (ALF) took to the streets of Bogota to sabotage the telephone booths of ETB (Bogota telephone company), well known as a major sponsor of the spe

Bath Bomb 17 Cordially Yours

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Issue #17

Dec 08 ‘No, he doesn’t exist you whiny little brat’

Bathonians Stand Up As The Economy Falls Down!

McTrial Cambridge – This Monday!

An all day trial so get some McDonalds Burgers in!

When : 8th Dec 08, 10 a.m.

Where: Cambridge Magistrates Court
12 St. Andrews Street,

What: Back in June an activist was arrested on a walk in protest at McDonalds. The activist is charged under Section 5 of the Public Order Act.