animal rights/liberation

animal rights/liberation

9 UK Actions: ALF/ARM/Countrside Resistance

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Bath Bomb #9 now online (& update on Chippenham squatted social centre)

Yes, the new edition of the Bath Bomb is finally ready. Stories from the dark underbelly of lovely lovely Bath. Or something like that:

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Issue #9
April 08

Diana Verdict: 10 Years On, Still Dead

Seattle Was A Riot...


Canadian consulate occupation, Melbourne14/04/2008 - Today 5 members and supporters ofthe Sea Shepherd crew, the ‘Steve Irwin’ occupied the offices of the Canadian consulates representative in Melbourne with over 40 activists demonstrating out the front...

Armed Canadian Coast Guard Storms Sea Shepherd Ship and Arrests Crew

Farley Mowat in ice12.04.2008 At 0700 Hours (PST) and 1100 Hours Atlantic time the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society vessel Farley Mowat was attacked by officers from two Canadian Coast Guard icebreakers the Des Groseilliers and the Sir Wifred Grenfell.

Sea Shepherd Crew Attacked By Mob Of Seal Hunters

Sea Shepherd ropes being cut6.04.2008
Sea Shepherd Conservation Society’s ship, the Farley Mowat, was attacked this morning by a mob of 30-40 angry fishermen. The attack took place while berthed in the French islands of St. Pierre and Miquelon. The Farley Mowat was berthed in St. Pierre to transfer video footage of the Canadian seal slaughter onto shore and await the resumption of the slaughter, which was temporarily suspended after the death of four sealers.

Canadian Coast Guard Rams Sea Shepherd Ship (twice) & other news

Slaughtered seal31.03.2008
The Canadian Coast Guard icebreaker CCGS Des Groseilliers twice rammed the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society ship Farley Mowat today. The Sea Shepherd is present at the baby seal hunt to document the killings. Witnessing a seal being clubbed is a crime in Canada.

Japanese Open Fire on Sea Shepherd Crew: Three Injured

Paul Watson with bullet & bent badgeJapanese coast guards with flash grenades07/03/2008
At 1545 hours (0445 GMT), a clash between the crew of the Sea Shepherd vessel Steve Irwin and the Japanese whaling ship Nisshin Maru turned violent when the Japanese Coast Guard began to throw flash grenades at the crew of the Steve Irwin.

Japanese Whaling Fleet Confronted By Sea Shepherd + Interview With Nottingham Activist On Board

rotten butter throwing Sea Shepherd style3.03.2008 - Aboard the M/Y Steve Irwin Southern Oceans ---The crew on the Sea Shepherd ship Steve Irwin engaged in a confrontation with the Japanese factory ship Nisshin Maru this morning between 0800 and 1000 Hours. The Nisshin Maru cannot outrun the Steve Irwin. After a 12 hour chase the Sea Shepherd ship closed the gap and passed alongside the Nisshin Maru. The crew deployed over two dozen bottles of rotten butter sending a stench throughout the whale killing ship that will remain for days. The crew also threw packets of a slippery chemical onto the deck of the Nisshin Maru. This will make it very difficult to cut up whales. The substance becomes even more slippery with water so it will be difficult to wash it off the decks.

Hunt Chaos in Derbyshire

Chaos in Monyash - 01/03/2008

On Saturday the 1st March the High Peak Hunt meet at 11.30am at the Bulls Head Inn at Monyash, Derbyshire.

During the course of the next three hours the huntsman lost control of his pack on numerous occasions. This resulted in them causing chaos on the roads and in the fields around the area.

Sea Shepherd Finds Japanese Whaling Fleet: They Are On the Run Again

Sea Shepherd in pursuitThe Japanese whaling fleet is on the run again. The Sea Shepherd Conservation Society ship Steve Irwin re-located the Japanese whaling fleet at 0600 hours this morning, February 23, 2008.