animal rights/liberation

animal rights/liberation

Charges dropped against 14-year old & dad who tied themselves to Japanese Embassy

Anti-whale tying pairA 14-year-old anti-whaling campaigner arrested at the Japanese embassy has condemned a decision to drop charges.

Sea Shepherd Launches Operation Migaloo II / Sharkwater Film released on Feb. 22 / Planktos Ocean Dumping Scheme Defeated

Sea Shepherd's Steve IrwinThe Hunt for the Japanese Whale Poachers Resumes...

Press Release: 02/13/2008

After twelve days of repairs, refueling, re-crewing, re-supplying and re-provisioning, the Sea Shepherd ship Steve Irwin is returning to the Southern Ocean. The estimated time for departure is 2000 hours Melbourne time on Thursday February 14.

Meat on climate action in Sweden

Meat climate Sweden action 1Meat climate Sweden action 25 February.

Western UK sabotage for the animals

24 January 2008
Countryside allaince signs were smashed and the side of a landrover was scratched, another hunt car had both sides and bonnet scraped hope the respray didnt cost too much!

Teenager arrested after tying herself to Japananese Embassy

A British teenager has been arrested after tying herself to a staircase at the Japanese Embassy in London in a protest over whaling, she said. Sophie said last night: "I honestly think that me having a criminal record is not a big price to pay when what the whales are going through is so much worse."