animal rights/liberation

animal rights/liberation

Surrey Union Foxhunt - Caught Bloody Red Handed

Surrey Union hunt sabbedNot 30 miles from the politicians in Westminster; the Surrey Union hunt chased a terrified fox along the A29 and around Ockley village green before ripping it apart on the cricket pitch. This was the reality in England on Saturday January 5th 2008 (3 years after hunting was banned)

York & Ainsty South Hunt Sabbed - Hunt Slash Tires Following Sab Success

York & Ainsty South Hunt26.12.2007

Sustainable Xmas - Cheadle leafletting, free space & bike protest

CheadleHighStreet Against Climate Change say 'A planet is not just for Xmas'

Activists from CheadleHighStreet Against Climate Change have commenced their campaign for a sustainable Xmas. National research has indicated that people through holiday eating, travel, Christmas lights, and gift giving produce on average 650 kg of CO2 emissions per individual. This is 5.5% of the yearly carbon footprint of the UK.

Bath Bomb issue 5 now! & Bristle statement

Just your Christmas edition of the monthly Bathonian rabble rousiness, from deep within gentrify central

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Never mind the Chronicle... here's the ever-festive
The Bath Bomb

Golf course in Sydney dug in with warning

The anonymous visitors were clear about why they caused the damage they did. "Warning!: you bastards kill one bird and we will destroy all your greens at our leisure. We will be watching and waiting" read a note on a piece of cardboard that was stuffed into one of the holes.


Saturday saw 700 people from all over this island, as well as many other parts of the world, gather in Huntiungdon for a march and demo against the concentration camp that is Huntingdon Life Sciences. The people of Huntingdon showed much support for the march, which was the first in the town for over four years, following changes to the existing injunction. Following the march we all moved on to the lab itself, which with its rows of fences and razor wire looks like the death camp that it is. Various speakers gave moving and passionate speeches, vowing to continue the campaign until this barbaric, abhorrent facility is closed. Despite the jailing of the three leading activists in SHAC, political prisoners of a government only interested in protecting vested finacial interest no matter the cruelty, this demo showed that the campaign is stronger than ever. We will never give up our action in defence of the Earth and all Life.

Autumn EF! Action Update out - and advance notice of the Winter Moot, 22-24 February (gathering of eco-activists), Nottingham

EF! earth fist logoThe latest issue of the quarterly EF!AU was dished up at the Anarchist Bookfair - bursting at the seams, it had to be turned into a bumper issue, with a round-up of the actions around the time of the Camp for Climate Action, plus loads of action reports from around the world since then - from pieing oil executives, blockading garages & airports, polar bears locking-on, sabotage, prisoners, occupied spaces, digger-diving, GM crop-trashing, to cake and the cunning use of mung beans (oh, and of course, much much more).

Norwegian Whaling Vessel's Career is Finished

Sea Shepherd News Releases 10/16/2007

Norwegian Whaling Vessel's Career is Finished

The Willassen Senior, the Norwegian whaling vessel that was scuttled on August 30, 2007 in the northern city of Svolvaer in the Lofoten Islands, will not be killing any more whales—ever again. The damage sustained by the vessel that was deliberately sunk by whale defenders exceeded $22 million kroner (over US $2 million). Sea Shepherd Conservation Society was pleased to learn that the Willassen Senior was not insured. The owners of the vessel have decided to scrap the ship, because they cannot afford to pay to repair the extensive damage caused to the electrical and mechanical systems by salt water. A group called Agenda 21 has taken credit for scuttling the whaling ship.