animal rights/liberation

animal rights/liberation

Worldwide Day of Action Against McDonalds 16th October

Dying for a burger (London McD demo)
14th October 2007 early demo report: nearly 30 people took part in the London leg of the worldwide anti-McDonald's day. It started at noon at the Leicester Square McDonald's. There was a Ronald McDonald attacking a person dressed as a cow. The cow went down well with the kids and even some adults! Lots of leaflets were handed out and the public seemed to be receptive on the whole. Also, the police were noticeable by their absence. The demo moved onto the Shaftesbury Avenue McDonald's and finished at about 3.30.

Food not Bombs and Midlands Vegan Campaign join up in anti-Mcdonalds action

Brum anti-McDonalds Day & Food Not Bombs stallBirmingham Food Not Bombs returned to the streets on Saturday the 13th of October for National Anti-McDonalds Day, in combination with the recently formed Midlands Vegan Campaign.

*The Bath Bomb * Issue #3 October ‘07 * @nti-copyright: copy and distribute! *

Bath Bomb small logo“Soapy suds of truth in a bathtub of b*llshit!””

Oh, Just More Shops…

Walking past the rubble of the Southgate Centre, could my ears be deceiving me? I have now heard several people remarking how nice the view looks without the buildings. The latest one of these came when I was walking behind three very fashionable looking girls who looked like they were ‘born to shop’:

Animal Rights Gathering 2007

Last weekend saw a really successful gathering by the Animal Rights community of this Island. Although this year's international Gathering was held in Holland, people also came from Poland, Germany, Austria and South Africa amongst other places. Many excellent workshops were held, and there was much discussion about the need to develop links between Animal Rights and the growing Eco Action movement concerned with human induced Climate Change. We in the Animal Rights community are fully aware that no matter how successful we might be, without serious action on Climate Change it matters little. We are keen, therefore, to show solidarity with all those who are committed to Direct Action in support of the Earth and all Life, and will be offering our full support to next year's Climate Camp.

Playing with Fire: The Story of Daniel McGowan, "eco-terrorism" and the Green Scare

Playing with Fire coverGrowing up in New York City, Daniel McGowan saw first-hand how pollution fogged the air and fouled the beaches in some of the city’s poorest communities, setting him on a lifelong path of environmental and social justice. But how he ended up drenched in gasoline and setting fire to Oregon’s Jefferson Poplar Farms in 2001 and was later targeted as a “domestic terrorist” is the story of someone who cared too much and didn’t know what else to do.

Norewegian Whaler Scuttled

Scuttled Norwegian whalerSea Shepherd News

Sunken Whaler Was a Cruel Killer

It is not a surprise that an unknown person (or persons) targeted the Willassen Senior - the outlaw Norwegian whaling vessel that was scuttled on the evening of August 30, 2007.

Western Animal Rights Network launched! + Animal Rights Copwatch

WARN (Western Animal Rights Network) is a coalition for animal liberationists that was originally launched in 2005 but ceased to be after activists moved away from the West. We hope to be a support base for activists and be a gateway into the animal rights movement for people looking to get involved in animal liberation in the West of the UK.

New Earth First Action Update OUT NOW!

EF! AU logo 1The printed EF! Action Update is back again! After a bit of a lull a new editorial collective is in place and ready to roll. We have just produced a summer edition in time for the Camp for Climate Action, where you can pick up printed copies.

launch of radical newsheet - the Bath Bomb

Bath Bomb logoToday, seven activists from Bath Activist Network set up shop in the middle of Bath to raise awareness and encourage people to attend the upcoming. Climate Camp

Investigation leads to chicken rescue by Gloucestershire animal activists.

Gloucestershire Animal Action press release - For immediate release
Sunday, June 03, 2007

Five month investigation leads to chicken rescue by Gloucestershire animal activists.

Five months ago activists from Gloucestershire Animal Action learned of a farm in Gloucester which had been visited by DEFRA after the rotting carcasses of chickens and pigs were left causing a stench which had affected the local community.