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Bath Bomb #26 Special Edition Out Now


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Issue #26
Nov 09

“A noisy conscience hammering away on the shoulder of Bath”

Shock Exposé: B&NES To Slash 90% Of Public Sector Jobs

Plane Stupid turf Virgin Atlantic out of their seats at the PR awards

21st October 2009
Last night seven Plane Stupid activists and one Heathrow resident popped over to the PR Week Awards and hijacked a table reserved for Virgin Atlantic. Virgin Atlantic have been strong advocates for the third runway at Heathrow and expansion of Britain's airports, which we thought they shouldn't get away with.

land rover dealership attacked

last night a land rover dealership in west hertfordshire was attacked. tires were slashed on a number of these luxury cars.

for the liberation of the earth

BAA to back down on Third Runway - or maybe not!

Update: Insisting that expansion is still on the cards, BAA said: "We remain convinced that a third runway is the only viable, costed and thought-through way of meeting the need for extra runway capacity to maintain this country’s global connections to the rest of the world."

keep Backwell beautiful

September 21 2009
no more quarry blasting!

Backwell is a beautiful place but is under threat from the expansion of Bristol airport over head and from Tarmac under the ground.

Tarmac said they will stop blasting at Backwell Quarry this year but have now asked for a ten year extension!

We objected but they ignored us.

Two airport protesters arrested near Oxford

13 September 2009
Two climate change activists have been arrested after breaching security at Oxford Airport.

The pair, from the Climate Rush group, climbed under a hedge and jumped over a fence to reach the runway area on Saturday afternoon.

They had been taking part in a picnic outside the airport which was organised by Climate Rush as a protest against the airport's expansion.

Climate Rush On Tour

4th September 2009
The Climate Rush started on a one month tour of South West England at Sipson, making a procession to Heathrow Airport this morning with local residents to oppose the building of the third runway.

Police raid eco-protest camp

POLICE bullies have invaded Camp Titnore near Worthing and intimidated the protesters, who have been peacefully occupying the threatened Durrington woodland since 2006.