US EF! organizers' conference & winter rendezvous, 15th Feb on: update; international invite; discussion on Do or Die article

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International Invite:
South Florida is an accessible location for international travel, and is a social hotspot of current global commerce and politics. For several years, the globalization movement has influenced (and been influenced by) EF! But rarely has it been possible to dialogue with eco-radicals in other parts of the world, especially the majority world movements who have been inspiring direct action efforts within the U.S. empire. For these reasons, the invitation is being put out to help bring folks from other countries’ radical environmental movements and indigenous struggles here for the OC and Winter Rendezvous (this means visa assistance and some extra fundraising, so if you can be

it was beautiful..

You can’t buy beauty.

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We wanted to do a positive action, one that made people think without making them feel bad about themselves or angry towards us for blaming them. So instead of just sabotaging L’Oreal or telling people what was bad about them we decided to make people feel good without the use of makeovers or L’Oreal’s unethical and harmful products.

Santas Against Excessive Consumption invade Oxford Street

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On Saturday, the busiest shopping day of the year, activists from London Rising Tide dressed up as Santas and elves and invaded Oxford Street to make the point that excessive Christmas consumption is causing climate chaos.

Crush christmas Consumer Chaos Cardiff

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Depressed looking Santa's roamed Cardiff city centre shops amid pre-christmas consumer frenzy

a fun hassle free action. more photos to follow.

Bristol anti-consumerist carol signing

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Come along 1pm to Broadmead, meeting outside Vodafone shop in centre to sing some more anti-consumerist carols following on from recent singing at Buy nothing day and critical mass, more planned for next saturday... work those vocals