A259 Link Road one hour from London help us now

The Combe Haven valley is a unique habitat which was once the port of Hastings (pre 1066). Evidence is now being obtained from a small group of entusiasts which proves this unique valley, which is in the Parish of Crowhurst Sussex, was the site of the Norman Invasion and also the Battle of Hastings in 1066. Our group is fighting a battle with East Sussex County Council to stop the A259 Link Road cutting through one of the most important heritage sites in the land and also an invaluable enviromental reserve.

Bulldozers are already on the site digging trenches. An initial road protest is organised this weekend. Please familiarise yourself with the heritage story because this is important. 5000 Englishmen gave their blood in this valley and it should be preserved and not desecrated with a road that goes through open countryside - see the videos on our web site - see why we are fighting to save this place one hours drive from central London