actions against E-On in Nottingham


Last night the doors to the Nottingham E-on Open House on Lister Gate were d-locked shut in solidarity with anyone struggling to stay warm this winter.

Eon and their partners in crime are not only destroying the planet as they extract every last inch of natural resources from the ground, they're also doing their best to fleece each and everyone of us as they raise the prices year in year out. What we did last night was a minor act. Carried out by individuals who are disgusted with the ways in which the corporate power and greed which goes hand in hand with this system. It is destroying the planet, human beings and every living thing. We must fight back.
Update: I work across the road from the open house. It had to open two hours later than usual.
Stop G8 Notts hit the streets of Nottingham yesterday distributing a leaflet that made connecting the everyday reality of poverty in the city, where people are forced to choose between eating or staying warm to the capitalist spectacle of the G8 summit taking place later this year.

Individuals were receptive to the message although many people didn't view themselves as empowered to do anything about the current situation. This re-enforced the importance of us being on the streets talking and engaging with as many people as we can, talking about the problems, their causes and how we can tackle them on micro and macro levels.

Starving to Sttay Warm

Fuel poverty protest against E.on.

Eon and the other five big energy companies (EDF, Centrica, SSE, Scottish Power and npower) are a cartel which controls 99% of the domestic energy market. Domestic energy prices for us are constantly rising whilst every year these companies declare record profits.

According to a recent survey, this winter 1 in 4 families have had to face a stark choice between heating and eating. Whilst e.on executives and shareholders spend bumper profits on second homes and holidays
abroad, people in the UK are freezing because they need to eat.

We are starving to stay warm!

On June the 17th and 18th the G8 world leaders will be meeting in Fermanagh, Northern Ireland, to discuss how to maintain the capitalist system which enables and justifies this daylight robbery. While we allow our lives to be governed by these crooks profit will always come before people. The only way to achieve real change is to break from this vicious cycle of exploitation, smash capitalism and reorganise our communities in a way which ensures everyone has access to the necessities of life.

From the 10th of June there will be a week of action, workshops and meetings in London to protest against the G8 and to work towards building the sort of world that we want to live in