Actions on behalf of piers against High Speed Train start

  As it was planned beforehand, yesterday november the 12th there were actions in solidarity with the piers against the Basque project of High Speed Train and obviously, against the projecyt itself. This Saturday a demonstration has been organised to dennounce the lack of proportion between the pennalties against the piers and other well known criminals (what to say about those ones who are destroying Amalurra (Mother Earth) and wasting loads of public money on useless infrastructures!!!). As you may known, the piers are facing between four and nine years for pieing the current Navarran regional president Yolanda Barcina in a meeting for a High Speed network between institutions of both S'pain and France, and as she was president of this institution.
  yesterday november the 12th there were actions all over the basque Country:  in Arruazu , Cadreita , Bilbo , Basauri , Donostia, Irun, Orereta, Gasteiz, Basauri,  and S'pain: Cáceres, Asturies
  and on the previous days there were actions in Sakana, Barañain and there are more events planned before Saturday in Lezo, Pasaia  and even at Bussoleno (Italy). The trial against the 4 piers  is next Monday in Madrid at the High Hearing Court. There are solidarity and dennounce activities organized there too.

The High Hearing Court deals with terrorism acts, but this is what the authorities are treating the pieing like, like a terrorist action, and because of that, the 4 and 9 years penalties. It's clear that the aim of this repression is to put people away from movilising against big infrastructures and destruction, but as we can see on these days previous to the trial and we will see on Saturday at the demonstration (there are already buses organised from each city and town), what they really provoke is more reaction.
 Actions on te 12th November
Acticvists took over the High Speed train work site in Cadreita demanding immediate and definitive cessation of work. conducting a sit for 35 minutes has prevented the continuation of the work by climbing the machines and unfolding banners.

ARRUAZU (Navarra): one of the accused is councillor of this little rural village where people gathered to reclaim to be left alone.

Donostian: people demonstarted outside the local Court wearing cook hats (many actions and performance are takin place with cooks and cakes as main ingridient). Activists have reached the balcony of the  local Court where they haged a banner in solidarity. Two people were arrested and face a fine

BASAURI: 30 people gathered despite the rain in solidarity with the anti-TAV piers .

LEZO - Orereta : 25 people gathered and marched.

BILBO : people demonstrated outside the Basque regional Government

On 9th November two activists chained  themselves from their neck  at the flags of the Navarran provintial government balcony with banners against the High Speed Train and in solidarity with the four piers. In the meantime people gathered outside screaming aganist teh High Speed Train and against destruction of Nnature. The police tried to cut the D-locks with shears, finding it imposible and ending up taking the flags away (and smashing a window! ... and the flags, obviously) They were arrested spending the night in police station (they were not provided any matress and they kept the light on for all night). On Sunday morning were taken befor the judge acussed of "Resistance and severe desobidiance against the  authority" (as it should be!!!) resistencia y desobediencia grave a agentes de la autoridad.


On 7th November: 8 activists enroled for the Conference Work Community of the Pyrenees (a previous Conference as this was where YBarcina was pied at before). They were prevented from attending it. Instead around 60 people gathered outside the Conference in solidarity with the piers and against the High Speed Train. At the end of the event there was a pie war between the demonstrators.