In September a once a month activists nurture course starts, lasting a year. The purpose is to become more effective in our change work, sustaining it through inner joy and self-awareness

the aSALT course (Spiritual Activist Leadership Training) values underlying loving connectedness and meaning beyond individual human life (spiritual), activism in all its forms as effort to bring greater justice into  the world, the leadership of all for all, training as learners and teachers together.

Our base will  be the Palestine museum in Bristol. We'll have varied activities including shared allotment work, shared food, body-work as we look  for a self-care/spiritual practice to sustain us, critical thinking, learning about nonviolent theory and the growing of social  change movements.

The course requires commitment and is designed to work alongside an exisiting engagement. There are things that won't appeal to all: the philosophy is definitely nonviolent (though not necessarily 'legal'). The group will be diverse and include activists you dissagree with. There is a fee though there is also a bursary.

The course leader has not been a direct action activist often. He's an active supporter of Abolish Empty Office Blocks, house people. He fell ill in Palestine as a human rights monitor (which partly inspired this course).He's a mentor and experienced trainer

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