Balcombe frack-off latest

Day 48 (Tues 10th) Of Community Fracking Blockade In Balcombe Sussex

Update (3:30pm): Protector cut off, arrested and caravan moved. Come down and support the community.

Update (2:00pm): Cuadrilla fracking truck blocked by Protector locked onto caravan in Balcombe. Community Protection Camp is still going strong despite increased police harassment.

Update (12:45pm): Ambulance takes one Protector to hospital with leg injury caused by Police violence

Update (12:15pm): First fracking truck of day arrives and is being blocked by Protectors.

Update (12:00pm): Community Protection Camp still holding strong. Situation pretty calm at moment. Lots of people here to support Balcombe but do come down to help if you can.

Update (11:00am): One of the three people arrested for singing outside Cuadrilla’s fracking site is a Balcombe resident.

Update (10:30am): Police trying to intimidate camp but not here in large numbers at present. Three arrests. More people would be good. Come down and support the community if you can.

Update (10am): The day has started quietly. Despite media report to the contrary the Council has no powers to evict the camp and would need to go through a court process to try. Threats by the police to use a Section 14 CJPOA to evict the camp are clearly illegal (though obviously that is no guarantee they won’t try) but the camp is holding firm. Come down and support the community if you can.