The Black Fish is looking for crew members

The marine protection organisation The Black Fish is looking for people to join its direct action team and future ship's crew. "In order to be effective in our marine conservation campaigns, we need to be out at sea, opposing the most destructive fishing and hunting activities, where they happen away from the public eye." For this reason The Black Fish is working towards the purchase of an ocean going vessel and is looking for crew members.

"There are possibilities opening up to us which might see us getting access to a vessel in the near future. We need a crew for the initial overhaul of this ship and preparing it for its first campaign." according to Wietse van der Werf, spokesperson for the organisation.

The Black Fish has launched a crew application page where people can apply for voluntary crew positions. "We are looking for people with sailing experience but this is not a necessity for the entire crew. Willingness and dedication to commit time and hard work to make future campaigns of The Black Fish a success, that is a must."

Any questions related to crewing with The Black Fish, please see the crewing page on our website or contact the crewing coordinator at

We look forward to your application!