Dragged down a pile of aggregate. Anti-fracking protests for Preston New Road

So far over 141,000 people have watched this video of non violent Protectors being assaulted on 5th May by Cuadrilla’s Northern Security and A.E.Yates staff as they occupy a pile of stone which is being used to build a mega frack pad in Lancashire, UK

We’ve had hundreds of messages of support from all over, but what we need is more people. You can see from the video what happens when we don’t have the numbers.

Every day we are outnumbered by increasingly aggressive police officers, who have no regard for our Human Rights to assembly and freedom of expression. They are acting outside the law with impunity because of the government’s agenda to force the unconventional gas industry upon the people of the UK.

On the occasions when we outnumber the security forces it’s a different story, and we have successfully closed the site down several times. But we need help

Will you join the resistance in Lancashire?

Please join this facebook group for more information