Earth First! Summer Gathering 2014 - exact location & other practicalities added

Updates: Exact location has been releases - see here

Travel - book your travel to Castle Cary or Bruton train station, then it's a bus journey and 20 minute walk.

Bus times are : 8.14am - 9.44am - 11.44am - 12.33pm - 2.14pm - 4.33pm (last bus).  There's no Sunday service so we will timetable a shuttle bus to return.

Cycling: Bruton is better if you are cycling as it is a mile shorter, and there is also a bus from there too. The last bus from here leaves later.  (Bus times from Bruton are: 9:09am - 10:39am - 12:12pm - 1:39pm - 3:54pm - 5:39pm)

We will post the exact address three weeks before the gathering.

Refreshments - ‘This year there is no bar on site. People are welcome to bring their own but we ask that there's no drinking before dinner/7pm. Anyone causing a nuisance or breaking our Safer Spaces policy will be asked to stop and/or leave. There will be a cafe & snack bar on site.’

Dogs - ‘This year dogs are welcome, but please get in touch in advance, and keep them on a lead at all times on the site.’  Further info


28th-31st August 2014, in the South West....

A place for people involved in radical green direct action to come together....
to talk....share find out whats going on.... outdoors....hang out....laugh....
experience non hierarchical, low impact, family friendly living.

An activist camp that spans 5 days and consists of a programme of workshops throughout each day facilitated by people like you and me who think they have a skill or a level of knowledge in a subject that is valuable to share with others to improve their activism.

Is this camp for you?  Whether you're just starting out in the world of direct action or you're an old (glued and paint-stained) hand at it, you're welcome here.

More info here