BitcevskiBitcevskireceived anonymously:

"During the night of may 4th we sneaked upon another tree harvester and torched it, using the heavy rain as cover. 15 minutes later it exploded (we suspect fire in hydraulics to be the cause). Police and city officials confirmed the successful torching and evac of the destroyed vehicle (link to the eco-campaign site with citations: http://ecmo.ru/news/n-1778/).

This spring saw works to clearcut a huge Khimki forest continue unabated. In spite of numerous and massive people protests, all the legal and liberal stuff (polls, petitions, law suits, concerts, demos, vigils, etc.), authorities, law enforcement, and their fascists and mafia lackeys (forever together in Russia) push for the completion of clear-cuts so that they may get on to the actual road-building. And in one part of the forest they’ve already redirected a flow of a river (a single and major body of water and site of significant avian population in the area) to facilitate construction of a road junction link: (in russian, but has photos http://ecmo.ru/news/n-1772/).

We ask of all whom it may concern to consider actions against Vinci, France (the international consortium financing this deforestation project), as it seems the only viable target outside Russia. Appreciation for your solidarity out there, people, and our solidarity with your local fights of our global resistance!

- ELF-Russia, International Network of Action and Solidarity/ Informal Anarchist Federation"


reported by activists in Russia:

"An ELF group claims responsibility for torching of a workers' shed (the building was checked to ensure it was unoccupied prior to the attack) at a treecut site in southern Moscow (Bitcevski forest) on the night of april the 11th. An 5 litres of gasoline and incendiary device for time delay were used because of close proximity to guardhouse and serious sentry presence in the region. The forest has seen numerous ecotage actions (spiking, torchings of vehicles and storage sheds, etc), hence intense police attention. No photos or videos were released. The shed and its contents exploded 5 minutes later for unknown reasons.
- ELF-Russia, International Network of Action and Solidarity - Informal Anarchist Federation"


"Urban guerillas" in Moscow have claimed responsibility for the torching of a large excavator at a condominium construction site near the Bitcevski forest on April 9. The condominium is being built in part by the Russian Military Intelligence Service. Military personnel are supposed to be stationed in the building. Video from the action and the Russian communique available here: http://blackblocg.info/index.php/protestnye-dejstviya/93-gorodskie-parti...


anonymous report:
"On the night of april the 5th, 2011, an excavator was set aflame and exploded 10 minutes later at the highway construction site that cuts through forests of Moscow region.

- ELF-Russia"