Faslane Peace Camp: Phoenix Gathering 3-5 May 2013


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A 3 day gathering at Faslane Peace Camp to work out logistics etc of rebuilding or tatting down the camp.  For everyone who wants to be involved as a new resident or part of the new support group.  
Please get in touch if you want to attend either phone the camp on 01436-820901 or e-mail the peace camp solidarity group:

3rd, 4th and 5th May
Faslane Peace Camp, Shandon, Helensburgh, Dunbartonshire G84 8NT

Faslane Peace Camp is looking for new members!

Faslane Peace Camp is the longest running peace camp in the world.  Opened in 1982 by local people opposed to the basing of Trident missile submarines here, the peace camp has been a symbol of hope and resistance for over thirty years.
Over that time numbers at the camp have fluctuated from 2 to 25 people living there at any one time.
Now numbers are falling and the people living at the camp want to move on.  They've decided to set a deadline of May 12th 2013 to find more people or they are going to start dismantling the camp and turning it into a peace garden in time for the peace camp's 31st birthday on 12th June 2013.  
We don't have that much time to find a group of people who are committed to staying at the camp to continue the resistance to British nuclear weapons on the Clyde.  
Some former peace campers and friends at the peace camp have set up a group to try to do this and are committed to providing support for new people moving to the peace camp.
Please if you don't want to see the Peace Camp close at this crucial time in the debate about nuclear weapons in Scotland and can offer help in any way or are interested in finding out more about living at the peace camp please email us the Faslane Support Network at: faslanepeacecampsolidarity@gmail.com
Or talk to the peace campers themselves by contacting Faslane Peace Camp on 01436-820901 or faslane30@gmail.com

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