The first Green and Black Cross Network Gathering

London June 18th 11-6 Followed by a social. Venue TBC

Support is attack!

Green and Black Cross were set up after the Millbank demonstration of November last year through identifying a need for the type of support that had been developed in the Climate Movement. Since then we have supported hundreds of people from many backgrounds in their rebellions and protests.
From a legal support hotline to tireless legal observers on the streets, brave action medics to a kitchen team smuggling flapjacks behind police lines. Our emphasis on support is to allow the potential for further rebellion, for people to rise up and in doing so take control of the direction of their lives and spread a relationship of solidarity and mutual aid.

It's time to get involved!

At London we've developed working groups around forms of support including Legal, Kitchens, Medics, Toilets and Radical Child Care. We want not only to strengthen these groups in the region but also to expand a support network. If you're from Manchester and you've been legal observing on demonstrations, if your from Leeds and you're thinking about providing food at picket lines, if you live in Bristol and you want to be there when protestors get injured, where ever you live and you are thinking about getting involved – come! Share skills, swap stories and find out more. The day will be split between introductions to the project, questions and debate on the Green and Black Cross network structure, working group time to share and develop our practices and ending the day with a social event.

Why London? Unfortunately GBC is presently London based. We aim to bring about a horizontal network that contains regional autonomy. To do this though we want to share where we're at so far and to make this possible to organise we've called the gathering in the big smoke.

Want to get involved sooner but need some skills and or information? GBC has set up a project to offer info/skill shares for groups who want to be trained up in a particular support role. We can offer skill shares in your rea. Get in touch with

We're transforming relationships, we're fighting destruction. Get involved with GBC and make way for the movement! For more info and possibilities of crash space email

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