Flood the System Organizing Booklet is Now Available to Print or Download

flood the systemClick here to download the Flood the System organizing booklet! This 35 page booklet has everything you need to know about organizing an event to #FloodTheSystem.

Click here for the same booklet as above, but set up so when you print it front/back, you can fold it into a booklet.

We envision Flood the System as a step towards building the DNA of a robust movement that has the collective power to challenge global capitalism, racism, patriarchy, and oppression.

This booklet is designed to give you a sense of why we need to escalate, what Flood the System might look like, and what structures we will all use to organize.

The authors drew inspiration for this booklet from the 1986 Pledge of Resistance Handbook, the 1999 WTO Direct Action Packet and the 2014 Ferguson Action Council Booklet.