Goldcorp Security Shoots Peaceful Protesters in Guatemala 1st May

Police, military and private security attack peaceful anti-mining protesters at the San Rafael mine in Guatemala, Sep. 2008

From Rights Action:

Six civilians were shot and wounded (2 seriously) on April 27, 2013 by Tahoe / Goldcorp security forces at Tahoe’s “San Rafael” mine site (municipality of San Rafael Las Flores, department of Santa Rosa, Guatemala).  The wounded are: Adolfo García, 57; his son Luis García, 18; Wilmer Pérez, 17; Antonio Humberto  Castillo, 48;  Noé Aguilar Castillo, 27; Érick Fernando Castillo, 27.  Local residents, who are maintaining a permanent peaceful occupation by the mine entrance in protest against it, saw company armed guards open fire on the group of men who were walking by.  (Prensa Libre, April 29, 2013,

Read more here about Goldcorp’s (and subsidiary Tahoe Resources’) recent history of violence and repression against indigenous and campesino communities in Guatemala.