Hinkley Investor Centrica: Action Alert

Centrica are having their AGM this week on Fri 11th May we want to tell Centrica loud & clear No to new nuclear. To this end we have a bit of armchair activism that everyone can join in with no matter what your time/energy/money commitments are.

Here’s how to stop the Centrica swindle:

Step one: Boycott Centrica/British Gas…

If you get any products from centrica or buy your energy from British Gas then switch suppliers now – make sure and either phone them on 0800 107 0184 or drop them a line at  customercomplaints@britishgas.co.uk or Management Team, British Gas, PO Box 4804, Worthing, BN11 9QU to let them know why you’re dropping them.

If you need guidance or advise on how to switch or who to switch to then visit our already exisiting boycott edf website for details on how/what to do.  http://boycottedf.org.uk/maketheswitch

Step Two: Spam Centrica…

Drop them an e-mail to pressure them to withdraw from nuclear new build we have compiled an extensive database of e-mail addresses which we have published below The e-mails are published in 10 blocks of 25, this means that in just 10 e-mails you can tell the whole of Centrica from the 1% down what you think of them without your mails bouncing back or your account being suspended!

Their office numbers are included too why not give them a call and tell them what you think of their dabbling in dirty nukes?

 brian.gamlin@centrica.com,  darren.miles@centrica.com,  mark.turner@centrica.com,  olga.wilson@centrica.com,  simon.henderson@centrica.com,  alejandro.urizar@centrica.com,  jonathan.press@centrica.com,  peter.pratt@centrica.com,  david.bickerton@centrica.com,  rod.carr@centrica.com,  kirk.downey@centrica.com,  bill.laughlin@centrica.com,  simon.gray@centrica.com,  usmanigbal@centrica.com,,  alan.mclaughlin@centrica.com,  sophie.cole@centrica.com,  jessica.parker@centrica.com,  alistair.montgomery@centrica.com,  jan.sangedal@centrica.com,  careers@centrica.com,  cancelinstallation@centrica.com,  thornton@centrica.com,  jon.york@Centrica.com, cardiffc& mfinance@centrica.com,  ir@centrica.com,

 don.lane@centrica.com,  amie.harding1@centrica.com,  natalie.potts@centrica.com,  fred.hardinges@centrica.com,  nina.ringoen@centrica.com,  coordinator@centrica.com,  renewables@centrica.com,  kit.hawkins@centrica.com,  centrica@equiniti.com,  stavanger@centrica.com,  media@centrica.com,  matthew.berry@centrica.com,  views@centrica.com,  responsibility@centrica.com,  centrica.graduates@aonhewitt.com,  diversity.team@centrica.com,  audrey.luksicek@centrica.com,  p2p@centrica.com,  dario.ghazi@Centrica.com,  rodgers@centrica.com,  paul.smart@centrica.com,  kevin.ferrol@centrica.com,  steven.petrie@centrica.com,  martin.bruce@centrica.com,  jim.jamieson@centrica.com,

 carina.travis@centrica.com,  michael.breyaen@centrica.com,  trevor.boyce@centrica.com,  fiona.navesey@centrica.com,  ricky.hill@centrica.com,  iain.bartholomew@centrica.com,  david.byrne@centrica.com,  danny.willder@centrica.com,  ali.hussain@centrica.com,  linda.somerville1@centrica.com,  andy.kingscott@centrica.com,  aberdeen@centrica.com,  customerrelations@centrica.com,  david.holland@centrica.com,  eri@centrica.com,  brianawhitlock@centrica.com,  philip.davies@centrica.com,  alan.mclaughlin@centrica.com,  energy360@centrica.com,  gavin.ward@centrica.com,  gill.rodgers@centrica.com,  proudfoot@centrica.com,  colin.addy2@centrica.com,  hywel.james@centrica.com,  alan.neild-crabb@centrica.com

 chris.ronketti@centrica.com,  john.kimber@centrica.com,  sue.cropper@centrica.com,  richard.hemus2@centrica.com,  anna.wantling@centrica.com,  steve.gapik@centrica.com,  discount.scheme@centrica.com,  angela.needle@centrica.com,  alaister.mortlock@centrica.com,  ivan.olszak@centrica.com,  jill.shedden@centrica.com,  nick.luff@centrica.com,  christopher.bird@centrica.com,  ray.sheldon@centrica.com,  sns0056york@centrica.com,  finbarr.coghlan@centrica.com,  peter.fairhurst@centrica.com,  jon.cooper@centrica.com,  matt.thornton@centrica.com,  rebecca.mcclymont@centrica.com,  richard.cargen@centrica.com,  david.jardine@centrica.com,  cathy.aldwinckle@centrica.com,  ian.mondrow@na.centrica.com,  pjeff@na.centrica.com,

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Centrica Storage Limited – registered office and corporate headquarters
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Step Three: Protest!!!

Attend Centrica’s AGM this coming Friday May 11th. Their AGM starts at 2pm but environmental and social justice campaigners will be there from 12:30 onwards. The address is Queen Elizabeth II Conference Centre, London SW1.

Why say no to Centrica?

After being advised last year to pull out of nuclear Centrica are now demanding more money from the cash-strapped British public via corporate owned UK plc. The advice came from citigroup and utilities analyst Lakis Athanasiou who said that Centrica ‘shouldn’t touch nuclear with a barge pole’.

Nearly one year on and against the backdrop of the nuclear catastrophe in Japan spiraling further out of control, Centrica is now threatening to ‘pull out’ if their demands aren’t met. They claim to have doubts over the governments energy policy, Centrica said “the company’s position on nuclear new build has not changed and it was still working towards taking a final investment decision on Hinkley Point by the end of the year. It added “There are a number of areas where we still need absolute clarity, such as cost, market framework and planning approval and permits”

Subsidies already promised by government to the nuclear industry already include -

electricity reform act, fixed price on carbon per tonne and fixed price on electricity produced from nuclear taxpayer funded liability in the event of an accident (yes folks these guys can nuke you fukushima style then make you pay for the clean up) fixed price of contribution of the utlilty for the cost of future attempts to manage/clear up the waste (yeah right like that’s gonna happen!)

Part of the electricity reform acts package of proposals are the contracts for difference that will be announced in the Queens speech this month.

Contracts for difference or CFD’s as they are known are nothing more than a way of ensuring that centrica makes private profit whilst socialising the losses, or should we say enriches the 1% at a cost to the 99%

In this context these proposals are like the banks asking for a bailout in advance of them doing the dodgy deals that made them fail. CFDs are ‘trading on the margins’ or to put it another way turning shit into sugar and are therefore highly risky.

One of the ways CFD’s will likely benefit Centrica is by allowing them to put up a tiny ‘deposit’ on the construction of new nuclear plants whilst we the taxpayer loan them the rest, of course they get to keep their profits which ever way you slice the pie, they can even make money out of the project failing with CFDs. It is clear to see that being able to profit out of falling markets in this way is a cleverly disguised way of socialising the costs of bad investment choices giving investors a win-win situation at an extreme cost to civil society & the environment.

We believe that centrica’s pressure on the UK government to take more taxpayers money to pay for a project that they themselves believe will fail in order that their shareholders can profit out of us twice (once when they build the plant then again when they bill us for energy) is immoral and unethical.

The electricity market reform act already promised to these greedy utilities is a public subsidy by the back door. Nuclear power plants never have been and never will be profitable endeavours which is why in 2006 when the government tried to create the nuclear renaissance they knew it wouldn’t go down well with the public. Now after a six year campaign of lobbying and expensive PR campaigns to get the public to swallow nuclear as a ‘necessary evil’ they want to dump responsibility for financing back on the already skint public.

South West Against Nulear (SWAN)