Join us tomorrow (Saturday 15 Dec) to stop the tree felling!

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Following-on from today’s successful action to stop the felling of trees in the Valley (see below) we will be returning to the Valley tomorrow (Saturday 15 December) when it is anticipated that the contractors will try again.

As today, the focus will almost certainly be on the trees along the line of the old disused railway, just east of Adam’s farm (see below).

Please try to come down early! Meet at 7am at Crowhurst station (the 6.50am train from Hastings [6.53am from St Leonards Warrior Square] gets into Crowhurst at 7.02am). Otherwise, come down later as the more numbers we have the better.

Bring water bottles, warm clothing, waterproofs, and chocolate. Stay calm & peaceful. If you want to come down and support others then please bring food and hot beverages.

Also, please contact us if you either have a car and can help to give people lifts, or if you can offer accommodation to people who are travelling from outside the immediate area.

Contact number: 07926 423 033

map - disused railway line

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Anti-road protestors from Hastings, St Leonards and Bexhill were joined by others from Eastbourne, Brighton and London at dawn in the Combe Valley today (Friday December 14) to stop attempts to begin tree-felling for the Bexhill-Hastings Link Road. On a day of heavy rain and high winds, around 30 protestors successfully prevented any significant work taking place despite the presence in the valley of over 100 security guards, chainsaw operatives and other contractors.

The campaigners initially occupied trees at Adams Farm and successfully blockaded the access track for over 2 hours. The main contractors’ convoy from Sidley arrived en masse at Upper Wilting Farm mid-morning, and they proceeded on foot to attempt tree-cutting near Little Bog Wood. Protestors promptly moved into the woodland to mingle with the workers, making it impossible for any felling to occur.

The contractors then relocated by vehicle to Adams Farm and were again meet by protestors, some still occupying trees and others on the ground. There were lengthy periods of inactivity with the work crews and security seeming unclear what tactics to adopt. On only a few occasions were chainsaws or strimmers started but protestors immediately placed themselves in positions to stop them being used. The contractors and security guards retreated to their vans for lunch and at around 12.30 made a decision to abandon work for the day. Protestors remained on alert in the valley for a further 2 hours to ensure no further attempts were made.