Karadere beach Bulgaria

Karadere beach is one of the last stretches of the Bulgarian Black Sea coast not yet covered in concrete, and free camping is still permitted there. A plan to develop the beach into a "holiday village" has been on the cards for several years and recently, developers began cutting trees, prompting thousands to protest in the streets in Sofia and Varna.

After a lot of secrecy, some of the investors in the proposed development have been named. The company known as Madara holdings (formerly Mayfair holdings) or Madara Europe which is owned by Rainbow Malta, head man Paul Riley seems to be the main player All these companies are based in the channel islands, and the investors seem to be British (although the whole affair is very murky with corruption, and there are probably other Bulgarian and/or Russian investors lurking in the shadows). The British involvement seems to be significant, and if the British investors could be pursuaded to withdraw, the project would be set back.The British investors are named on this excellent journalism page, and the site has other info about Karadere


It also seems that some of the investors are in south wales, and are linked to a rugby club in Cardiff


More info on these people could certainly be uncovered by someone on the ground in Britain. It would be great to get this issue raised in Britain, and see some of these investors publically shamed.

There is lots of stuff about Karadere on facebook and youtube

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