lock-on-tastic continues/eviction court case news & more at Barton Moss (4-12 March 2014)



4th March - another lock-on delayed trucks significantly - 4 hours! 

The Manchester Evening News - sensationalist parroter of police and fracking PR - conducted a survey that found that 73% of Mancunians opposed fracking.


6th March - two hour lock-on and book shields deployed to protect against TAU (riot police) aggression. 

9th March - 1,200 march against fracking in Manchester city centre. 

10th March - eviction court case brought by Peel Holdings: judge considered two days of evidence over the weekend, and decided against the camp.  He'd previously said Peel couldn't evict part of the camp from a strip of agricultural land that Peel lease out to a tenant farmer.  On Monday he decided it wasn't agricultural enough!  Camp taking appeal to High Court. 

11th March - another lock-on!