May Gathering in Plymouth to Prevent Wilful and Accidental Nuclear Holocaust


The Tamarians are inviting members of the public to a gathering in Plymouth from the 9th to the 12th of May 2014. The group is a local affinity group of Trident Ploughshares, and is determined to abolish Weapons of Mass Destruction, starting with the one on their doorstep: the Trident submarine based system. 

Saturday is a day of workshops: NVDA, facilitation and consensus, update on Devonport subs, dance of nuclear fission, stories from veteran peace activists, banner making and insurrectional art. 

Food and shelter will be provided for the whole weekend.

Address: 74 Mutley Plain, Plymouth 
Directions: Mutley Plain, Plymouth 
Nearest Public Transport: Plymouth train station; Bretonside Bus station 
Postcode: PL4 6LS 
Time: 9:30 
Price: Donations are welcome 
Phone: 01822 832 815