Memorial at Greenham Common bulldozed


I have just heard via a local woman that the memorial to the sisters who protested outside the Greenham Common Nuclear site from 1982 until the government was forced to remove the nuclear cruise missiles located there has today been removed by the owners of the Greenham Common Enterprise Centre that owns the site. 


Bulldozers arrived at around 8am and began to rip up all the flowers and stones including even the memorial to Helen Thomas who was killed while protesting there.   The memorial was a garden of seven standing stones encircling the 'Flame' sculpture which represented a camp fire.  I have called the Greenham Common Trust who run the site and they said the memorial had "been there long enough" and was "a problem for local traffic".  I understand the entire garden is now gone and the land is simply earth with all traces removed.


People may wish to contact the Greenham Common trust and let them know what they think of this disgusting action