No TAV: renewed violent clashes in the Susa Valley

On 22nd July people tried taking the fences to the work-site down, and the police used water cannons. Tensions have been mounting in previous days. Much tear gas has been used, stones thrown, with water cannons also used to put out the fires set under the fences.


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The A-Team - your guide to different police forces in the Val de Susa.

23rd July 2011 - over 500 protesters lay siege to the works for four hours at night.

24th July - people tried to pull down the gate to the work site, following a rally at which the mother of Carlo Giuliani (killed during protests against the G8 in Genoa 10 years ago) spoke.

The 4 activists arrested on 3 July following the NO TAV protests in Chiomonte were all released the previous week. More info