Non-Violent Direct Action Training Weekends for anti-frackers

Fighting Fracking? Get skilled up! -

Come to one of the amazing Anti-Fracking Training weekends in Hebden Bridge, 12th-14th of May 2017, and Nottingham 3rd-4th June 2017. 

As well as getting lots of skills, knowledge and practice these weekends will be important for networking with others who are resisting fracking in your region – a place to share ideas and resources to help build a stronger, more cohesive movement. 
Facilitated by experienced trainers from Seeds for Change and Green and Black Cross, this is a great opportunity to find out about non-violent direct action as an additional, effective tool to combat fracking. We hope that, by reaching people from many communities and groups determined to resist this unnecessary, damaging threat to our environment, our training weekends will help strengthen the movement. 

Topics we will cover include: 

  • Why direct action? 
  • Practical direct action techniques 
  • Being creative, capturing the imagination 
  • Planning and organising an action – what is involved? 
  • Buddies and affinity groups 
  • Media – getting the message out 
  • Legal training 

As well as learning a lot, we expect to build solidarity and have fun! To find out more, get in contact and download the application forms, visit the page on the website: