Occupy Oil the Sequel and #RIPShell

“These people have more rights than us” was the response of the police to an irate driver.  He was attempting to refuel at the Shell Garage in Old Street, London.  Protesters had managed to blockade the station in the last action of a very successful day against Shell Oil.

Activists from Occupy Oil in solidarity with Anonymous UK closed the station for almost an hour. The protesters were carrying Anti Shell banners, placards and a coffin to represent the destructive nature of this 1% company.

On the 22nd of May activists from Occupy Oil held demonstrations in London and Las Vegas (See Video of action here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Td8NNinikyc) against Dutch Shell Oil, who were holding their Annual General Meeting at The Hague and London via video link.

The morning began with six activists leaving St Paul's Cathedral with a coffin and banner to make a symbolic funeral procession through the streets of the City of London.

We were greeted with a small police presence; this scaled back policing response was possibly as a result of their behavior on the 12th of May, When peaceful demonstrators from Occupy May were assaulted and kettled outside of the Bank of England.
In a very dignified ceremony, the 6 activists and coffin took around 40 minutes to get to the location of the AGM, which was being held at the Barbican Centre

Little did we know at the time that we were being followed and photographed not by the police but by a private security firm. This latest intimidation fits in well with their behaviour elsewhere as pointed out by Marc Vallee at the recent #netpol2012 conference.

@marc_vallee At #netpol2012 today I mentioned that a private intelligence company had contacted me for information on direct action protest groups.
@marc_vallee The groups are: @climatecamp @RisingTide_UK @NoTarSands &@UKuncut << I will be providing the groups with the relevant evidence. #netpol2012

Despite the intimidation the whole day was very successful with garages closed and Shell's Annual General Meeting disrupted with zero arrests,
Our message is clear, "TO HELL WITH SHELL"