Peruvian Land Defender Killed After 48-Hour Anti-Mining Strike

paro-PuquioOctober 29th, 2015

Seven rural communities organized a general strike that immobilized completely the activities in Puquio, capital of Lucana province, and resulted in the unfortunate death of a young member of the Cccollana community: Erick Mendonza Tumaylle, age 22. The conflict occurred at the site of one informal mining project where toxic run-offs lead directly into fields used by the community for agriculture.

Leaders of the community have reported Juan Pariona of Ccollao injured as a result of being held hostage by the informal mining company in the San Andrés zone.

This theme of conflict is a recurring one throughout the entire southern territories of Ayacucho, Ica, and parts of Arequipa. Some community members are suing Laytauma Corporation for being the main storage facility for explosives, for being the main source of income for informal transient workers, and for being the sole purchaser of feed produced in Sancos district.

People are worried about how thousands of informal workers are affecting the Yuariviri lagoon, the many springs and water sources. It has been made apparent that the center storm of this conflict has moved to this zone of the country.

by Observatorio de Conflictos Mineros en el Perú /  Conflictos Mineros

translated by Earth First! Newswire