Protest camp evicted & restarted

7th Feb 2013: Moving Camp and Climbing Trees

We are in the process of moving the camp to another location in the park.

There is a protester up in the trees which have arial walk ways to them.

If you are willing and able to actively protect other trees by various means, we do have food supplies and a limited amount climbing gear for use. 

The police have surrounded another area of trees which are about to be felled.

6/2/13, noon: URGENT: An eviction notice has been served to us on the camp which will be enforced in 45 minutes at 12.00 We need people to come down to the camp as soon as possible!
To show how many people in our community object to what MCC are doing…
To make the eviction difficult which will give us more time….
To help move things out of camp so residents won’t loose all of there grear they have kindly donated, as the police can hold equipment ‘as evidence’.