Protester climbs lorry in protest at fracking site near Immingham

March 12, 2015

The protest, one of the first direct action demonstrations in North East Lincolnshire for decades, caused a halt to traffic for nearly four hours after the 20-year-old refused to descend from the top of the lorry.

He threatened to superglue himself to the vehicle, copying the tactic deployed by environmentalists in other parts of the country.

Motorists were forced to seek diversions through Stallingborough and Keelby, many of them HGVs going to and from Immingham Docks.

Police negotiators tried to persuade the man to come down.

Two specialist units from South Yorkshire Police prepared to undertake a tactical manoeuvre involving specially trained officers.

Shortly after 12.30pm, the man surrendered and came down.

Protesters have gathered and set up a small camp at the entrance to the Europa Oil and Gas test drilling site.

Bosses of Europa, who are drilling at Mauxhall Farm, Stallingborough, have repeatedly stated they will not be fracking.

Protesters claimed other test drilling operators had sold their sites to fracking companies once they discover shale gas in other parts of the country.