Protesters continue to frustrate Shell's work 17th Feb

trucks blockedThis last week has been another week of resistance to Shell controversial pipeline, with numerous truck blockades and disruption to workers

In solidarity with our friend Izzy NĂ­ Ghraidm, we have continued to keep up the pressure on Shell by blocking trucks and workers throughout the day.
Shell workers arrive at 6.30am and there are up to 105 truck movements per day so there's plenty of chance to show your opposition and support the local community.

Shell was forced to admit that they had been experiencing problems with the Tunnel Boring Machine after it was announced on the radio that work on the tunnel had resumed.
However just days after this was announced there are rumours flying of further problems.

As the photo of Glengad shows, the Shell compound has expanded and is now just next to the old camp field. It is a real eyesore on this beautiful landscape but it is not too late to stop it.
Come up and support this community under siege from Shell.

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view of Sruwaddacon Bay where Shell intend to put the pipe.
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