Squattastic meeting, Sun 17th July, organise vs. new anti squat law

On Wednesday, the government launched its consultation paper on criminalising trespass and squatting.

Its time to organise the rebel alliance. Come to the next www.squattastic.blogspot.com meeting this Sunday 17th July, 2-6pm at 11 the 'well furnished squat' 11 terrace rd hackney e9.

This proposed new law may affect our rights to protest and occcupy spaces,as well as posssibly affecting students,workers occupations,tenants,charities,housing groups and squatter homeless.

www.squattastic.blogspot.com (for squatters /underground networking)

www.squashcampaign.org (for public,media and overground outreach)

Network it, defend the last of our rights while we still have them.