Stapleton Road protest camp eviction continues








13th March 2015

The eviction continues into a second day...


Day 42..just! 11.59pm. An eventful day with conifers and towers gone and the ent toppled! it was heartbreaking watching the diggers tearing up what has been wildlife habitat , perfect for slow worms and tearing down the water tower and other building that was suspected bats at one point. There was a horrible “rescue” from the water tower with pain inflicted upon the person being “rescued” such a tying his hands behind his back with a cable tie, grabbing his face and his crotch.all caught on film and will be documented as being assaulted as with others. Despite all of this twee dwellers, though cold and tired are in good spirits, welcoming the food and other treats sent up to them ( even hot water bottles!). Tomorrow is another day in the trees – hoping the weekend will draw more people – come down Bristol!

Day 42 1.45pm. The tree protectors in the conifer trees ( not the woodland) have been “rescued” . Two of them chose to scurry down without assistance then one jumped over the herris fence in true squirrel ninja style!
The oaks and the poplars are still full and in high spirits. We managed to get a charged camera up to one so we are hoping to get some good ariel shots of the action soon!
Again, more people on site would be really welcomed and the comradeship between supporters is strong.
We strongly urge people to call Bristol City Council and demand evidence that they have carried out ecological surveys for bats, reptiles and birds ( especially with hibernating bats & slow worms & nesting birds) that their digger & dozer probably have disturbed or even killed! Tel : 0117 922 2000. u might want to Tweet or email Mayor G!











Day 42 7.40am..The dawn chorus was joined today by the twitterings of tree folk, all well fed ( thanks skipchen!)& nestled high in the trees anticipating the arrival of other climbing people – though this time not to join them but to bring them down.

So far all is quiet on the site, now the drone of the all night generators has stopped and there is respite from the glaring spot lights ringing the entire fencing. We are one tree dweller down after a security guard rugby tackled one protestor who had descended from a tree which resulted in suspected broken ribs and a badly sprained ankle. This is being reported as assault. But replacements quickly sprang into action scurrying over fences and up trees in true squirrel style!

There are 10 to15 people left in the trees.

Today we hope for respect both from the bailiffs and contractors both for the people, land and wildlife which yesterday was very sadly in question on many, (but not all) occasions. We are calling all Rising Up supporters to come to the site…the support, cheer and motivation you bring is vital – as are the observing eyes and mouths -which can avert and witness any wrong doings. Join this Rising Up – Resistance is Fertile, come sow your seeds!


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