Stop the Arms Fair/DSEI

A massive arms fair is planned to take place in the UK in September 2013. The arms fair welcomes:

The US and UK will seek the next generation of weapons for their wars, while the arms companies aim to set the agenda for more exorbitant military spending.

The arms fair brings together 28,000 international buyers and sellers. The deals that begin here fuel the arms trade the world over. Death, injury, fear and repression are exported from the arms companies on our doorstep.

We can make a difference

When the fair took place in 2011, we challenged the opening night arms dealers’ reception at the National Gallery. One year later we put an end to an arms company’s sponsorship of the National Gallery.

Take action to stop the arms fair

A massive week of action is planned from 7-14 September to expose the arms fair and make its business as difficult as possible. Sunday 8th September looks set to be the biggest day: Come and create a mass action against the arms fair with Occupy vs. the Arms Fair from noon. Check out which actions appeal to you and put the dates in your diary now!