Stop the Chop - Alexandra Park trees, Manchester

SATURDAY 2nd FEB @ 1pm
Protest Camp Open Now
We need YOU to help!

Peaceful Protest @ Alexandra Park to stop the felling of 400 trees against strong public opposition. As of Thurs 31st Jan, 2382 people have signed a petition to oppose the scale of tree felling and wildlife habitat destruction in the park, yet the council are ignoring public opinion. The meeting on 28/01 to discuss these plans further was cancelled hours before taking place & the works have steamrolled ahead felling 53 trees so far. On 31/01, around 80 local people of all ages and backgrounds gathered in peaceful protest, with BBC Northwest covering the story. For now, they have succeeded in bringing tree felling works to a halt. But the destruction starts again TODAY ! We need your help to save the remaining 347 trees & wildlife habitat areas!

Tell your family and friends, your neighbours and your community. Bring banners, bring goodwill - together we can make our voices heard! PEOPLE OF MANCHESTER UNITE!

Meet near the park gates on Alexandra Rd South and Claremont Rd. 

Twitter: @SaveAPTrees Alexandra Parks Trees
Action Group Tel: 07757 639 668