Tesco anti-GM action

We had a successful Anti-GM action this past weekend (the first in London in a long time).

Regarding GM animal feed Tesco has said (2010) "Unfortunately, because of the vast amount of products we sell, and the turn around on them, we do not have a specific list of products that come from animals that have not been fed on GM feed." So basically, any stuff that's not organic could be GM. Let's go and tell the customers!

We went into a TESCO in Hackney and put stickers on all the meat and dairy. The stickers said said "Tesco cannot guarantee you that this meat or dairy product is GM free.

For more information on genetic modification in animal feed see www.stopgm.org.uk". We then got dressed in white suits in the store that said "biohazard" and passed out information to customers about animal feed. We also went after GM oil (KTC brand) with stickers. Big jugs of it are sold for chippies and small restaurants. We wandered around the store dressed like outer space handing out leaflets for a half an hour before the security finally asked us to leave. We then set up a table outside and continued to pass out information.

It was all surprisingly easy. If anyone wants a copy of the stickers we can send them on to you.


More photos and video at http://ungm.posterous.com/