culture jamming / subvertising

culture jamming / subvertising

Steal Something Day, a shameless 24-hour stealing spree!

Steal Something DayThe 24 hour moratorium on spending, 'Buy Nothing Day' is this Saturday 26th November in the UK. 6 years ago some Canadian anarchists came up with a critique of 'Buy Nothing Day' and called for a new initiative, 'Steal Something Day'.

Buy Nothing Day Manchester

Rhythms of Resistance Manchester Radical Samba Band & Manchester Critical Mass

Cordially invite you to a pleasant sambista, cyclista & clownly gathering
on Saturday 25th November, Meeting 11am
at Basement Social Centre, 24 Lever Street.

Squat tycoon rampage Bristol subvert

Squat subvert Bristolanother bilboard gets the Bristol treament (other billboards are felled - see previous posts under '

Buy Nothing Day this Saturday 25th November in Birmingham

buy nothing pound noteSaturday November 25th 2006 is Buy Nothing Day (UK), It's a day where you challenge yourself, your family and friends to switch off from shopping and tune into life. Anyone can take part provided they spend a day without spending!

Edinburgh Buy Nothing Day

World Buy Nothing Day is on saturday the 25th of November, we will be celebrating it on the east end of Princes street in Edinburgh.
To challenge the rampant consumerism that overshadows the festive season we will be celebrating WORLD BUY NOTHING DAY in Edinburgh. On saturday the 25th of November at the east end of Prince's street we will be having a FOOD NOT BOMBS stall, along with festive musicians, and carnival. We will also have a Green Santa's grotto with face painting and a space for kids to make their own presents and cristmas cards.

Northern Eco-action gathering

power station drawing
wind turbines drawing

You are cordially invited to the NORTHERN ECO-ACTION GATHERING taking place on Saturday 11 November from 10.30-6pm in the BRADFORD RESOURCE CENTRE followed by food and socialising in the 1 in 12 social centre. For practical details see below and check our website

11th anniversary of Ken Saro-Wiwa murder marked in London


Having attended the unveiling of the first of two creations commissioned by Remember Saro-Wiwa (see, London Rising Tiders headed across town to the Natural History Museum, to keep Saro-Wiwa's memory alive in a slightly more confrontational fashion inside the Shell Wildlife Photographer of the Year exhibition.

Another billboard falls in Bristol!

People must have noticed the decapitated billboard this morning by The Arches on Gloucester Road?

When will the other two

Free Shop in Guisborough, nr. Middlesbrough


This week, on Wednesday or Thursday - watch this space!, there will be a free shop in the main square of Guisborough. Pop by to pick up something for nothing, thumb your nose at the brandname shops, and use a public square for something other than spending money and carparking.

Launch of Bath Activist Network

Sep 28 2006

Birth pangs of a new group, the Bath Activist Network, bringing together people in Bath who want to work together to fight for positive change, connecting all radical "disciplines" holistically, knowing that every problem in this world is interlinked.

Government in 100% support SHOCKER!

subvertised crossing 3
subvertised crossing 1
subvertised crossing 2

Recently the Government has come under attack for a lot of things, dissent amongst the populous is high and support for the war on terror is very low.