Eastern England

Eastern England

Lakenheath 8 finally go to Trial for Socpa 128

On 26th 27th and 28th of March 2008 the Lakenheath 8 finally go to trial for a socpa 128 and criminal damage charge. The L8 took action in October 2006 at USAF Lakenheath in Suffolk against the use of cluster bombs and conventional weapons in Iraq and Afghanistan. The 8 activists, Pete, Lesley, Mell, Lesley, Richie, Margaret, Irene and Emma entered the nuclear base and locked themselves to the munitions area gates to stop the loading of weapons onto the F15 e planes. The new at the time 'socpa' laws covered the base and the 8 new that they maximum sentence was a year in prison and a £5,000 fine. Since that action Mell, Emma,Irene and 3 others took another action to blocakade Lakenheath in October 2007 and the court has decided to put them on trial for obstruction at the same time as the Lakenheath 8. The trial will be held at Bury st Edmunds court in Suffolk and the defendants would like as much support as possible.

Mayo Shell blockade & 15-17th March London demo & action call-out

Blockade of Shell site, thurs morning, 24/1/8, approx 100 cars blocked for 45 mins

This morning, local residents’ yet again braved the bitterly cold wind to show Shell that it will never have their consent. Knowing that only they can protect the health and safety of their community and environment, people peacefully held banners at the gates, shutting down the site and preventing approx. 100 Shell cars from entering. There were no Gardai for approx. 45 mins!

Biofuel week of action - 26th January-2nd February 2008

Acme Biofuel/palm oilAcme Biofuel/palm oilBiofuelwatch are calling for a national week of local action on agrofuels between 26th January and 2nd February 2008. Rather than organising one central protest, UK groups and campaigns are encouraged to organise local protests and actions – which could involve a banner protest outside a Tesco or BP petrol station or outside an agrofuel refinery (click for map of biofuel refineries), leafleting and/or street theatre in the city centre, a press release, a public film show, etc. Please email us at info[at]biofuelwatch.org.uk if you can help in any way, or if you would like to find out if anything is already planned in your area.

Saving Iceland Update 2008 - Mini-gathering - Friday 22nd February 2008, Sumac Centre, Nottingham

Saving Iceland Update 2008

A day of talks and film showings to pass on information about the on-going international campaign and the current situation in Iceland

Friday 22nd February 2008, Sumac Centre, Nottingham

Climate Camp– Open invite to a UK wide decision making meeting – Leeds 26-27 Jan

The Climate Camp on its own didn't stop climate change - but it's part of a growing social movement that can! Come and take the next steps forward at the upcoming UK-wide meeting on Jan 26-27 in Leeds. Everyone is welcome, whether you came to the camp, or were simply inspired by it.

129 rabbits liberated from lab breeder

Lincolnshire rabbits liberated 1Lincolnshire rabbits liberated 2It has been reported that on the 6th January 2008, 129 rabbits were liberated from a lab breeder in Lincolnshire. This breeder supply HLS, as well as several UK universities. The photo's show the cramped, unclean conditions of this hell hole - would we expect anything else?

Santas of Excessive Consumption in Norwich & London

Norwich SantasSubversive Singing Santas Spread Seasonal Sanity

Today, on one of the busiest shopping days of the year, activists from Norwich Rising Tide dressed up as Santas and visited Chapelfield Mall to sing a different tune to the usual buy, buy, buy madness of the holiday season.

National Squatters Meeting 9-10 February 2008 Leeds

Squat action days flierSo we are inviting people involved in all squatted autonomous spaces around the UK to meet and discuss the squatting situation and some preparation for the days of action in April.

Sizewell Nuclear Power Blockade

Sizewell 1Sizewell 21.12.2007
At 6:50 am this morning 8 sleepy protestors arrived at the gates of Sizewell A and B in Suffolk. What else would you do at this time in the morning at a nuclear power station, other than lay on the road, lock yourselves together, unfurl your banner reading ‘nuclear power is not the answer to climate chaos’ and wait 15 minutes for the security to notice you.

Buy Nothing Day reports - Leeds, Norwich, London, Edinburgh, Manchester x2...

Leeds Buy Nothing Day stall
The truth is out - buying stuff doesn't make you happy! Central Leeds today saw a free shop sprout from the pavement to drive the message home.

New Norwich Social Centre! Events update

Where Will It Be? posterWhere Will It Be? posterThe Where Will It Be Collective (WWIB) announce the opening of a social centre in a squatted building in Norwich city centre. Come and visit! Here's the press release:

300 on the streets of Helsinki for squat Elimäki - International Days Of Action For Squats & Autonomous Spaces - April 08

Helsinki, Finland: We get more time – 300 on the streets of Helsinki for squat Elimäki

Thursday was a day of victory for the squatting scene in Helsinki. 300 people defied the really shitty weather and gathered to demonstrate at the Youth Department of the city to show their support to the social centre Elimäki, aka squat E15.

Autumn EF! Action Update out - and advance notice of the Winter Moot, 22-24 February (gathering of eco-activists), Nottingham

EF! earth fist logoThe latest issue of the quarterly EF!AU was dished up at the Anarchist Bookfair - bursting at the seams, it had to be turned into a bumper issue, with a round-up of the actions around the time of the Camp for Climate Action, plus loads of action reports from around the world since then - from pieing oil executives, blockading garages & airports, polar bears locking-on, sabotage, prisoners, occupied spaces, digger-diving, GM crop-trashing, to cake and the cunning use of mung beans (oh, and of course, much much more).