genetic engineering

Do You Remember Fairmile?

Join the Silent Victories Bike Ride.

Silent Victories is a free 10 day long bike ride around the South West of England from the 1st -10th July that will visit places saved by direct action and analyse wider political questions around what makes social change.

Trash to the beet, Germany

During the night of 31 May 2011, despite the fence and 24-hour security, a KWS field was destroyed in Wetze, Germany. KWS is a German genetic engineering company; the field trial was genetically modified beet H7-1, resistant to the herbicide Round-Up.

400 peasants, clowns, and reapers liberate Belgian GM potato field

The "battle of the potato" field in Wetterem, near Ghent, Belgium, was a resounding victory for anti-GM activists on Sunday (29 May) as members of a crowd of around 400 people broke through police lines and barbed wire fences to destroy an experimental Genetically Modified potato crop.

anti-GM action at Tesco Belfast

Gathering Momentum for the fight against biotech in our food chain

Tesco Metro, on Belfast?s Royal Avenue, had its labelling improved by anti-GM protestors on Saturday morning (23rd April). The additional labels warned consumers about the potential Genetically Modified content of meat and dairy products in store.

Tesco anti-GM action

We had a successful Anti-GM action this past weekend (the first in London in a long time).

Cut the crap - GM in Germany


KWS has again planted genetically-modified sugar beet H7-1 in a field, despite vociferous protests. Today, Friday at noon, we unloaded about 16 tonnes of manure in front of the headquarters in Einbeck, under the slogan: "KWS - keep your GM crap."

Stop GM Gathering, Ireland

Dear Friends,
In mid-February, the EU proposed a relaxing of the legislation around the presence of GM ingredients in food stuffs and animal feed in Europe. This move was supported by Brendan Smith, then Minister for Agriculture, Food and Fisheries, without a mandate from the people of Ireland.

Farmers destroy DuPont transgenic rice

A transgenic rice variety, currently under trials at the Krishi
Vignan Kendra of the University of Agriculture Sciences (UAS) in Doddaballapur taluk, near here, was destroyed by farmers on Wednesday.

Neutralisation of GM vines by the Faucheurs Volontaires

15th August 2010
False solutions for false problems - GM vines scythed at INRA (National Institute of the Agricultural Research), Colmar, France by the Faucheurs Volontaires (volunteer GM scythers).