Solid Energy HQ Scaled and Banners Dropped, Aotearoa/New Zealand

Solid Energy HQ banner hang16 Feb 2006
Three Save Happy Valley Coalition activists unfurled banners while hanging 15 metres from the concrete facade of Solid Energy headquarters on Wednesday morning. The action was a solidarity protest with those people currently in Happy Valley occupying the proposed mine site since January 28th.

J18 Prisoner Jim Borek released today


Anarchist prisoner James Borek is scheduled to be released today after spending more than two years in prison for his participation in a 1999 London Reclaim the Streets sponsored Carnival Against Capitalism protest.

Sea Shepherd ship held in South Africa: Payback begins

Farley Mowat 2

After seven weeks at sea opposing the Japanese whale killing, the Sea Shepherd flagship, 'Farley Mowat', arrived at Cape Town on Tuesday, 24th of January.

2 more arrests and direct evidence of FBI infilitration of activist meetings around US

2 more arrests and direct evidence of FBI infilitration of activist meetings around US

The FBI's witch hunt against US activists continues, with two more charged with arson in the last 36 hours, both from Oregon state. Jonathon Paul, 39, of Ashland and Suzanne Nicole "India" Savoie, 28, of Appelgate were both indicted for their alleged involvement in a 2001 firebombing at the offices of a Superior Lumber Mill in Glendale, OR, an action claimed by the Earth Liberation Front. These latest arrests bring the total indictments in the past month on ELF and/or ALF charges to 11 -- all are likely to face 20 years to life in prison.

Protests escalate after decades of struggle in the face of Shell OIl...kidnapping in the Niger Delta

Shell oil barrel, Nigeria

Four foreign oil workers who were kidnapped by militant protesters in the Niger Delta last week were allowed yesterday to phone Reuters news agency. Along with passing on messages to their families, they also read out the demands of the protesters.

US EF! organizers' conference & winter rendezvous, 15th Feb on: update; international invite; discussion on Do or Die article

EF! no compromise US logo

Additional info to that on

International Invite:
South Florida is an accessible location for international travel, and is a social hotspot of current global commerce and politics. For several years, the globalization movement has influenced (and been influenced by) EF! But rarely has it been possible to dialogue with eco-radicals in other parts of the world, especially the majority world movements who have been inspiring direct action efforts within the U.S. empire. For these reasons, the invitation is being put out to help bring folks from other countries’ radical environmental movements and indigenous struggles here for the OC and Winter Rendezvous (this means visa assistance and some extra fundraising, so if you can be

Gunboat attack forces Shell retreat from Nigeria (& India attack) - oil prices rise again


Shell oil has been forced to evacuate facilities in the niger delta after further attacks on it's facilities...

Shell has been forced to evacuate four oil facilities in Nigeria in response to intensification of militant resistance against their presence in the oil rich niger delta. The withdrawal of 326 staff and contract workers from the remote flow stations in the swampy region is likely to lead to price increaces in the already jumpy oil market. The evacuations follows last weeks kidnapping and a bomb attack on a major oil pipeline.

Harpoon line dumps Greenpeace activist in Antarctic waters

Anti-whaling inflatable

Canadian Greenpeace whaling activist, Texas Joe Constantine, was dragged overboard into the freezing Antarctic waters after the whaling harpoon was fired over his inflatable and the harpoon rope became entangled in the craft. Constantine spent a few minutes in the water in his survival suit, before his compatriots could manouver their craft to pick him up. The harpoon killed the whale almost instantly after a chase lasting an hour.

Earth Liberation Prisoners! Bulletin (14th January 2006)

Prisoner Solidarity 1

Dear friends
ELP has five lots of news for you today:

1 (USA) Three new eco-prisoners
2 (Italy) Marco Martorana under house arrest
3) (Britain) Jan Lawrence released

Japanese Whaling Ship rams Greenpeace vessel in Southern Whale Sanctuary


Artic Sunrise 1
Artic Sunrise 2
Japanese Whaling Ship graffitied

After three days of obstructing the whale hunt by placing inflatable zodiacs between whales and the harpoon, the Nisshin Maru rammed the Greenpeace ship, Arctic Sunrise. The whalers are counter claiming their ship was rammed by Greenpeace. The collision ocurred in the Australian Antarctic Territory in the Southern Ocean Whale Sanctuary. The Nisshin Maru has continued north at full speed, with the three conservationists ships in pursuit.

5 new eco-prisoners (& 1 suicide after arrest), USA

Prisoner Solidarity 2

Please take time to write to these recently arrested prisoners earth liberation prisoners. To receive more frequent updates on these and other prisoners email asking to subscribe.

Upcoming Happy Valley Occupation! (New Zealand/Aotearoa)

Happy Valley2 Jan 2006
From Saturday 28th of January 2006 the Save Happy Valley Coalition will be indefinitely occupying the site of Solid Energy's planned open cast coal mine in Happy Valley on the West Coast and we are inviting as many people as possible to join us.

Why? Because the mine will:



For immediate release: 2nd January 2006

Battle lines drawn: Green activists plan to halt airport expansion plans

Yesterday The Observer revealed the level of intent from the government on constructing a third runway at Heathrow. (1) Eco-activists however have already begun a campaign of direct action, working alongside local resident community groups, to try and halt aviation industry and government plans for expansion. (2)

Whalers still scattered and fleeing, Sea Shepherd still pursuing


Farley Mowat

Update from the Farley Mowat – Somewhere Off the Coast of Antarctica

Whalers still scattered and fleeing, the Farley Mowat still pursuing, a dead whale is found, and the crew take a plunge with the penguins.

help free young eco activist sentenced to 22 years 8 months in USA

Free/Jeff Luers


TODAY (5th Dec) is Jeff Luers's birthday, he will be 27, and he will be spending it in an American maximum security prison (pictured above) serving a sentence of 22 years and eight months.