Urgent: Narmada dam threat: call for solidarity action

Narmada jalsindhi

Urgent: Indian Government threatens to raise the dam
Call for International Solidarity Actions: 27th Nov. 05
Damage so far: Over 25,000 tribal people displaced, 10,000 people still waiting for resettlement, over 9,000 hectares of forest already destroyed.

Steal Something Day, a shameless 24-hour stealing spree!

The 24 hour moratorium on spending, 'Buy Nothing Day' is this Saturday 26th November in the UK. 6 years ago some Canadian anarchists came up with a critique of 'Buy Nothing Day' and called for a new initiative, 'Steal Something Day'.

Earth First! International Winter Rendezvous in S. Florida (Feb '06)

*please help spread this message and get in touch if you can assist in translating it to any other languages*

EF! earth fist logo

Hey! y'all out there in the EF! network:

Solidarity South Pacific Newsletter # 3 published

Solidarity South Pacific

Solidarity South Pacific was set up in 2002 to provide support to tribal, ecological and other radical struggles in the South Pacific. Our 3rd newlsetter was published in October 05 and includes news of guerilla struggle, anti-logging activities, prisoner support work, eco-revolution and a mining executive eaten by a crocodile!

Ford Day of Intervention: November 12, 2005

Tell Ford to Get Serious About Breaking North America 's Addiction to Oil

Join us on Saturday November 12 and Intervene at Your Local Ford Dealer!

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London Remember Ken Saro-Wiwa protest

London Shell Ogoni 1


in november 1995, nigerian writer and activist, ken saro-wiwa, and 8 of his colleagues were executed by the military regime for campaigning against the devastation of the niger delta by oil multi-national shell. yesterday, demonstrators dropped nine nooses infront of the shell uk headquarters on the south bank to highlight the anniversary and highlight the current struggle on the north west of ireland, where shell is set to transform a remote conservation area into an environmental disaster zone with public health and safety implications.

Worldwide Day of Action against McDonalds - Sunday 16th October

Burned McD

Image above actually from French riots of a few weeks later!

McDonalds Day 2005 Birmingham

In Birmingham, 13 campaigners met up at midday, and staged demos outside all 4 of McDiseased city centre stores.

Stopping Climate Change in its Tracks, New Zealand/Aotearoa

Save Happy Valley train stopping action 1Save Happy Valley train stopping action 213 Aug 2005
The Save Happy Valley Campaign has taken the fight against Solid Energy to a new level. In a carefully planned protest, three activists ‘locked on’ to train tracks at about 11.50am today preventing Solid Energy’s coal trains reaching Lyttelton port [first press release]. Two were locked onto the track directly and a third was hanging from a tree 30m up with his support rope connected to the track.

Sydney G8 climate action

Sydney G8 climate action


About 100 people joined a colorful and loud G8 solidarity action in Sydney, Australia tonight. The climate criminal carnivale focused on a range of corporate and government offices that are contributing to climate chaos.

barcelona action agains g8 and climate chaos

Barcelona climate G8 demo

Action done in barcelona this afhernoon against climate caos and REPSOL YPF spanish based oil company responsability. That was a parody of greenwashing, through people dress as REPSOL workers giving ice cubes to pedestrians and drivers as the company solution to mitigate climate warming. The banner says "REPSOL sponsor the weather... and changes it" (REPSOL sponsors the tv daily weather report). The action was part of the Global Day of Action Against Climate caos and Oil Companies. We denunce as well Kyoto: Bussiness is the problem, not the solution!

Free Jeff Luers Solidarity Action in Edinburgh

Edinburgh support Free 2

On the night of June 12th 2005 in Edinburgh there was a benefit gig for Jeff Free Luers that ended with a confrontation in front of the American consulate.

Anti coal protesters lock on to Solid Energy: support needed, New Zealand/Aotearoa

Solid Energy HQ protest 1Solid Energy HQ protest 2At 12 noon on Sunday the 6th March 2005, 4 protesters locked themselves on to the entrance way of Solid Energy's head offices in Christchurch.

Filipino Eco-Anarchist Open Border Gathering!

Filipino Eco-activist gathering
Filipino Eco-Anarchist Open Border Gathering @ Feb 23 2005

A Gathering for a handful people from the counter-culture community in the Philippine Arhipelago composed of Kolektivs & musicians,pirates & radical librarians, from north to south- to share & participate in small eco- village facing the sea. On FEB.23-27[& beyond!] in this month of febuary. So pack your gear and contact the people in your area's-or stay @ home keep on watching National Geograpic.Civilasation, - it's abound collapse sometime soon.