Transport minister pied for support of Heathrow expansion lobby


Alistair Darling, Secretary of State for Transport, was pied today at the launch event of a powerful new industry coalition, 'Future Heathrow', formed to ensure expansion of Heathrow goes ahead. Meanwhile over 100 local residents took time off work to demonstrate outside the CBI HQ launch event, with a huge banner reading 'Future Heathrow Stinks', and a new report that concludes that Heathrow contributes little to the national or local economy, but simply lines the pockets of the aviation industry. Future Heathrow is led by Clive Soley, once a Labour MP, now Lord Soley, now heading up this sleazy bunch of planet trashers with a multi-million pound budget to over ride the residents and the planet. Nobody expected the Secretary of State to make the phenomenally stupid mistake of so publicly siding with the aviation industry over such a controversial project. But he did, and was repaid with carrot cake, cream and major political embarrassment.

Bringing the climate message home: an account of London Rising Tide's treesit at BP HQ, April 26-29th 2005

BP HQ treesit


Very early on April 26th 2005, eight concerned squirrels nipped over the gates of the park in the centre of St. James' Square, and scampered up two imposing London plane trees which happened to overlook the headquarters of one of the world's largest oil companies. (Actually, the phrase 'scampered up' doesn't do justice to the way they threw a rope over a strong branch, climbed up it and into their tree while wearing seriously loaded-down backpacks. It also doesn't do justice to the way one brave member of their group had to climb a smaller tree in between the two planes to free the banner rope, without which their action would have been completely stripped of meaning. She also deserves being mentioned in dispatches for the way she spoke convincingly to the police who clambered over the gates about twenty minutes later that the group was indeed carrying out a survey of the trees' insect population, as they had discovered from a document abandoned on the grass which attested to this fact.

London Motorway Inquiry - Inspector resigns after protests


At the Thames Gateway Bridge pre-Inquiry meeting on Monday 4th April, the meeting ended in chaos, as the Inspectors walked out after uproar from local residents, a protester seized the Inspector's microphone, and was chased around their table by an official. This was a taster for the controversy that is sure to follow if they attempt to bulldoze a motorway through East London. Today, the Office of the Deputy Prime Minister announced that the Inspector will be 'replaced'. This motorway is very similar to the Oxleas Wood scheme which was defeated in 1993, hot on the heels of the Twyford Down direct action campaign.

Protesters deliver non-GM soya to Sainsburys HQ

Sainsburys HQ soya blockade 1


Farmers and customers blockaded Sainsbury's with their generosity at 8:30 am this morning, when a tipper truck delivered a large mound of non-GM animal feed to the front of the supermarkets HQ at 33 Holborn, London EC1N 2HT.

Protest against G8 climate ministerial, London

15 March 2005

Police arrested two protesters at a noisy demonstration protesting the climate policies of G8 ministers meeting today in the City of London.

About 40 activists beat pots and pans and blew whistles to demonstrate their opposition to G8 climate policies, arguing that they served the interests of big business rather than the world’s poor likely to be most affected by global warming.

Activists disrupt oil industry annual jamboree

Petrol Exchange 3

On the day the world finally enacted Kyoto, the oil industry tried to hold a huge party to say, 'we don't care, it's business as usual'. We hope for at least one evening they've been forced to face the reality of what they're doing.

Climate Change activists STOP London's oil traders

Petrol Exchange 2

Thirty-five Greenpeace volunteers halted trading on the global oil market by occupying the International Petroleum Exchange in London. They entered the high security building near Tower Bridge shortly before 2pm, just as the world market in Brent crude was about to switch to London.

SAINSBURY GM FEED CAMPAIGN: How you can help now


We're urgently seeking some last minute assistance in the ongoing saga of British GM animal feed imports. This is a short, easy action for everyone.

For those of you who haven't been following the activities of the 'Fair Price for GM Free Milk Coalition', the story in brief is that last year a group of independent farming unions and grassroots campaigners got together to try and target the use of GM animal feed in the UK. The idea was to start by encouraging Sainsbury's to keep its four year commitment to phase out GM feed.

Vauxhall Sainsbury's targetted in anti-GM protest

Some toffs from some leafy suburban estate in Surrey went for a jaunt into the bright lights of the inner city.

Strolling up to Vauxhall Sainsbury's, they removed spray cans from their Barbour jackets, sprayed "No to GM Milk!" and "End GM Imports" in garish fashion upon the grimy urban walls and nearby Sainsbury's billboards, then retired with a swift "Tally Ho!" to whence they came.

Wimbledon Sainsbury's targetted in anti-GM protest.

London Earth First! targetted a Sainsbury's in Wimbledon town centre in a protest against Sainsbury's sale of GM milk

The shop was closed down, locks glued, and slogans including "No GM milk" and "Earth First!" spraypainted on doors and windows. This is part of an on-going campaign of direct action, by individuals pissed off that GM is coming in through the back door, despite popular opposition.

Greenpeace greenwash lecture guerilla-ed

Greenpeace Greenwash 1
The 4th Greenpeace Business Lecture took place on Tuesday 25th January 2005 at the Royal Society of Arts and was delivered by Lord Oxburgh, Chairman of Shell. Greenpeace Business said in advance that ‘The lecture will focus on the future of oil companies in the light of growing evidence on the dangers of climate change.’

Santas for Sainsburys protest and email action alert

(please forward this posting onto all relevant anti-GM email lists and forums)

Give the environment a present this Christmas – Santas for Sainsburys action called for in a store near you. Plus loads of people who need to hear your concerns.

Phone and Email Blockade of Bayer Cropscience


Monday 22nd of March saw a phone and email blockade of Bayer Cropscience, aimed at undermining their communications and disrupting the smooth running of their offices.

The direct line of Paul Rylott, the head of Bioscience, was chosen along with the main Cropscience email adrress. Unfortunately Rylott's line appeared to have been disconected so for the rest of the day it was the backup number - for the bioscience department - which was called instead. It is not known how many people took part in this action but we must have caused some bother as the operator was taken off the phone early in the day and the answerphone switched on instead. Hopefully when they listened to it it was full of anti-gm messages. Hundreds of emails were also sent.


Phone 01223 252514 - direct line of Paul Rylott, head of Bayer Bioscience.

Paul Rylott may have been sacked by Bayer but he's not gone yet! And he is still one of the key players in the attempt to bring GM crops into Britain.