Latest Updates from Protect the Wilderness & Reclaim the Fields

The Protect the Wilderness campaign attended a court hearing on Monday 5th brought by Gloucestershire County Council. This morning, the Judge gave possession to the council. An eviction is very likely in the immediate days.

Mass Action: The Big-Six Energy Monopoly

Thursday 3rd May 2012
Meet in central London, details to be announced

The Big Six energy companies: British Gas, EDF, E.ON, RWE power, Scottish & Southern and Scottish Power control 99% of our energy supply - making obscene profits from burning fossil fuels, trashing the planet and pushing people into fuel poverty.

Let's take back the power.


*Demo: 14th March*

Organised by *Frack Off <>*

On the 14-15th of March, The Marriott Hotel Regents Park is playing host
to another orgy of misinformation and industry propaganda, all in the name
of shafting the planet for profit. Let’s not disappoint! Fracking

#occupyoil pimlico shell garage morning closure

February 8 2012

activists closed down the very busy belgravia shell petrol station in pimlico this morning as the first sortie in a day of actions under the umbrella of #occupyoil, and mainly targetting the oil giant 'shell'.

Winter Warm-up round-up - Fuel Poverty Action protests

Friday update: an exciting start to the Fuel Poverty Action Weekend of Winter Warm-ups…Hundreds of people across the country came out of their cold homes to get warm at the buildings of institutions that have a hand in creating fuel poverty, to challenge the Big Six’s monopoly and the government’s complicity.  London - Leeds - Swindon - Manchester:

report from tonight's 'bikes alive' protest

9.1.12: 'bikes alive' is a new direct action campaigning group to counter the lethargy of transport for london, and its prioritising of london traffic flow over the safety of pedestrians and cyclists.