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Bath Bomb #26 Special Edition Out Now


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Issue #26
Nov 09

“A noisy conscience hammering away on the shoulder of Bath”

Shock Exposé: B&NES To Slash 90% Of Public Sector Jobs

Calais: Solidarity Needed!

Around 2000 migrants living in squats and camps in Calais, France, are under threat of eviction and deportation as the French immigration minister has vowed to destroy their homes. Reports (including a statement by the French immigration minister) suggest large-scale clearances of camps could take place this week.

CoMutiny on it's way - are you heading to Bristol? 12th-20th September

Less than a month to go and people must be curious as to what Comutiny is and who is involved. EVERYONE IS INVOLVED! Everyone is invited to take part during the week in whatever way they/their group feel best!!

Latest EF! Action Update bursts forth

Car tyres deflate in the night, diggers halted in their tracks, buildings and MPs covered in slime...airports plagued by crazy golf, picnics, city gents and and other autonomous spaces sprout, as others are under threat...tree-sits, banks evicted, fake phone-masts and whaling ships must be time for another Earth First! Action Update, bringing you a concentrated quarterly blast of inspiration and contacts to get out there and take direct action against the bastards threatening this planet and its inhabitants.

News from the front-lines - permanent protest camps old and new, and temporary gatherings in a field near you, all the dates and info you need for a summer of blistering action and torrential outpourings!

Successes here, across the pond and round the very other side of the world.

Eco-VIllage Occupation London 6th June Update + Other News.

Hello friends,

In this report:

News of the upcoming Eco-Village occupation taking place on a disused piece of land near Hammersmith starting on Saturday, 6th June (see attached e-flyer for details).

Bristol Co-Mutiny 12th - 20th Sept "Social Change Not Climate Change"

Capitalism and its puppet de‘mock’cracy are spiralling out of control:a self-created recession, rocketing unemployment, soaring national debt, the illegal and unjust occupation of Afghanistan & Iraq, apathy towards massacres in Palestine and Sri Lanka, the criminalisation of free movement, the police assaults and murde