2 aviation campaign callouts

1. Call to stop all airport expansions across the uk!

Airport expansion is nearly on us, and we have to get networks running in order to defeat these multi billion pounds projects! cutting through our country side, building new roads to supply them, and of course, CLIMATE CHANGE!
hit them where it hurts! the pocket!!!!

Good people of Britain, the time is nearing of the beggining of the uklargest plan to expand airports, from research it looks like the Luton airport expansion will be first up, public consultation has closed and the local people are awaiting the planning proposals, these are expected in the next few months.

The impact these plans will have on the local enviroment is terrifying, with many acres of ancient woodland being lost, also the amount of pollution the planes create in our atmosphere is horrifying.

Luton is owned by a spanish company so they dont give a shit about what happens over here. They have so much financial backing that this could happen as soon as planning is cleared! And we all know the government is more than happy to fast-track projects such as these!

Its time to start planning our next phase to show our unhappiness at these plans, once one airport is expanded then there will be a dominoe effect and we could see all airports expanded by 2015, but some in time for the Olympics 2012! this means work needs to be started soon!

This is a national campaign and therefore people should be willing to travel when needed.

email us for more info and to offer your services:

check out the local website: www.stoplutonairport.org


2. Direct action campaign already established

We've just established a new direct action campaign on airport expansion, and the website can be viewed at www.planestupid.com

It doesnt have too much stuff on the site as yet but we're working on it.

We're meeting regularly with local residents at Heathrow and beginning to make links with folk at Stansted and Luton too. There will be NVDA training for residents at the National AirportWatch conference.

To sign up for updates on Campaign Plane Stupid, email info@planestupid.com