Packers Field fun day- Sunday 18th September, Bristol

The campaign to stop the private development of Packers Field by Bristol City Academy is still being fought. Details below of an awareness-raing event this coming Sunday.

Packers Field in Whitehall is the only large green open space available for use by people living in Easton, Whitehall and Greenbank. It has been used freely and without restriction by local people for many years, for a wide range of informal activities. Open spaces like Packers are vital to the health of individuals and the community as a whole.

Bristol City Academy is currently attempting to develop the space as an Independent School Sports Facility. This will mean building on and fencing in the field, which will severely restrict free public access and use of it. The Academy’s proposal (which has been granted planning permission) includes an 85 space car park, 8 foot high fence and new buildings. The City Council also intends that Bristol Athletics Club will be relocated to the site, involving more buildings, floodlights and a spectator stand for at least 500 people. This will inevitably lead to an increase in traffic, noise and light pollution.

A local campaign to stop the development and keep Packers as a green space free for community use has been running for over 2 years. The City Academy and City Council have attempted to misrepresent the aims of the campaign, in order to present the proposed development as the only possible option for Packers Field. The campaign to save Packers (including the town green application) has the following aims:

- To preserve Packers as a green space with free access to local people.
- To protect the field from future building development.
- To allow informal and formal activities to continue on the field, including
use by local schools and sports clubs.
- To maintain the field as a safe and healthy environment for children and adults
- To have the field managed by the community for the community.

As part of the campaign to save Packers Field, a community fun day will be taking place on Sunday 18th September, from 1-6pm. This will include football, cricket, basketball, netball and children’s activities. We aim to show that there is a need and desire for open spaces freely available to all. Furthermore, that sport and leisure can be community-led, self-organised, cheap and fun. There will also be an opportunity to ask questions about the campaign and maybe get involved. The fun day will be followed by a social evening at the Kings Head pub, including the showing of a film about the Packers campaign at 7.30pm.

Packers Field (also known as Whitehall playing fileds) is located off of Johnsons Lane and Gordon Road, alongside the cycle track.

Please come along, have fun, and support this important local campaign.