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A protest site has been set up to defend another beautiful woodland from unnessecary destruction. We have been building defences but the site is in its very early days. The road is extremely high priority and the trees are contracted to be felled in the next two weeks. We urgently need help and support. A site phone number and more information will be put up soon, but if you want to come to site then your best going to Bilston Glen Anti Bypass Protest Site (they are only four miles apart) as there is a van going between the two sites on a daily basis.

For directions see: Http://


Dalkeith Park is situated between the town of Dalkeith and the A1. The Park is part of the Edinburgh Green Belt.

It is a well-used amenity, easily accessed by foot, cycle, car or bus. Use of the park has increased steadily over the years and it now attracts more than 50,000 visitors annually. An area of outstanding natural beauty, it is a popular retreat for wildlife enthusiasts, cyclists, fishermen, horse-riders, orienteering groups and walkers.

This ‘little piece of heaven’ was obtained by our Scottish Executive under a ‘compulsory purchase’ so that they can build a bypass right through it!

The Park is a haven for wildlife including brown hare, roe deer, foxes, heron, buzzards, goshawks, otters, badgers and kingfishers to name but a few.
In fact the River Esk Valley is a listed wildlife site.

The proposed bypass will cost in the region of £30m to £40m.

For more information chek out the local campaigns website: